book review: uprooted

You know those books/days where you start reading in the morning, when it’s bright and the birds are singing and then, the next thing you know it’s been dark for hours and you’ve just finished the book? And you’ve got that confused, fuzzy feeling like you’ve been unceremoniously booted back into consciousness, but you’re still here trying to reclaim that fun dream you were just having?

Well, this is how I feel about turning the last page to Naomi Novik’s Uprooted and finding myself staring at the “Acknowledgments” page rather than another chapter. During the reading, I had a frantic sense that I would miss something, and I had to read faster so as not to miss the action. Quick, turn that page! Move that bus! Etc.

(An aside: as I sit here, trying to compose this review, I think that I may be a little premature as I’m still staring off into the distance trying to put myself back together again.)

To continue, 3 months later–

Overall, I really enjoyed Novik’s Uprooted and recommend that you read it, too! I wish I had more books like this one to read.



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